Police say a gunman who killed 3 people in New Mexico 'randomly fired' while roaming a neighborhood

A police officer blocks traffic on a road following a deadly shooting Monday, May 15, 2023, in Farmington, New Mexico. Authorities said an 18-year-old opened fire in the northwestern New Mexico community, killing multiple people and injuring others, before law enforcement fatally shot the suspect.
  • The New Mexico gunman who killed three people "randomly fired" while roaming a neighborhood.

  • He injured six others, including two police officers, on Monday, police said.

  • Officials are in contact with the suspect's family to try to figure out if there was any motive.

Police said the gunman who killed three people and injured six others in New Mexico on Monday "randomly fired" while roaming a neighborhood.

Six others were injured, including two police officers who responded to the scene, Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said in a Monday night press conference.

"At this point it appears to be completely random, that there were no schools, no churches, no individuals targeted," Hebbe said. He added that during the shooting, the gunman "roamed throughout the neighborhood up to a quarter of a mile."

"The suspect randomly fired at whatever entered his head to shoot at," hitting six houses and three cars with gunfire, Hebbe said.

Hebbe said Farmington police were dispatched to the neighborhood at 10:57 a.m. local time for reports of shots fired in the area. The first officer arrived on scene at 11:02 a.m.

By 11:05 a.m., Hebbe said, police had engaged the gunman, who police identified as an 18-year-old man carrying at least three weapons at the time, including one "AR-style rifle."

Police shot the suspect at least once, Hebbe said. The gunman died at the scene.

Almost simultaneously, Hebbe said, there was news that an officer had been shot in the confrontation. That officer, Hebbe said, was transported to San Juan Regional Medical Center "minutes later" to be treated. He has since been released.

The second injured officer is a member of the state police force. He drove himself to the hospital to be treated, Hebbe said, and he is "doing well."

Hebbe said the event "is difficult to understand how something like this happens" and that officials are in contact with the gunman's family to try and figure out if there was a motive for the shooting.

Hebbe called Monday the "most horrific and difficult days that Farmington has ever had as a community," and offered his "deepest condolences" to the affected families.

The other victims of the shooting haven't been identified.

Farmington, a city of about 46,000, is in the northwestern corner of New Mexico.

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