Police Release Bodycam Footage of Police Officer Using Knee in Arrest of Teenager in Baton Rouge

Bodycam footage released by the Baton Rouge Police Department on July 14 showed a police officer using his knee to restrain a teenager during an arrest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on July 6.

Baton Rouge police said in a press conference held on July 13 that the officer was using his knee against the 17-year-old’s back, which was allowed, rather than his neck. Police said an internal investigation into the arrest was launched on July 9.

Activist Gary Chambers posted a video to Facebook showing the arrest on July 12, commenting that the police officer using his knee was inappropriate after the death of George Floyd, who died after officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on his neck for a prolonged period during an arrest.

“A cop doing this after George Floyd knows exactly what they are doing,” Gary Chambers posted to Facebook with a video showing the incident. Credit: Baton Rogue Police Department via Storyful