Police release shocking video of schoolgirl, 11, being mown down by car as warning to parents

Shocking footage of a schoolgirl being mown down by a car has been released as a warning to parents.

Police released the video of the 11-year-old being hit by the car and thrown across the road like a “rag doll” as part of efforts to educate people on road safety.

The footage shows the girl running out in front of the vehicle before she is hit by the car, thrown across the road, landing several metres down the road before getting back to her feet and running back across the road.

Devon and Cornwall Police, who released the video on social media, said the youngster miraculously only sustained minor injuries.

Miraculously, the girl only suffered minor injuries after being hit by the car. (SWNS)

The driver was reportedly shaken but was found not to be at fault after the crash, which happened on July 7 though police have not revealed where.

Sharing the footage, a spokesperson said: “Warning! We're releasing this shocking footage of a recent RTC involving a child to remind you why road safety education is vital.

“Each year around 120 child pedestrians are involved in collisions on our roads.Please always remember to stop, look and listen.”

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The video says: “The following clip shows a road traffic collision between an 11-year-old pedestrian and a car. You may find the footage disturbing.

“In Devon and Cornwall each year around 120 child pedestrians are involved in collisions.

Police released the video to remind parents about road safety. (SWNS)

“Here's an important message about why road safety education is vital.

“Fortunately, she only sustained minor injuries and was quickly back to her usual active self.

“The driver, who was understandably shaken, was found not to be at fault.

“Please ensure children always stop, look and listen before crossing the road.”