Poll: Which is the best Pixar movie?

Pixar has had a cinematic success rate to rival pretty much any other production company in history.

With the brilliant Coco feeling like another instant classic, we’ve decided it’s time to rank Pixar’s releases, to find out which is the best (and which, sadly, is the worst).

But do to that, we need your help – so we’ve crafted the following poll to allow us to compile the definitive Pixar ranking, from your votes.

Will it be the original Toy Story? Will the third Cars flick speed into pole position? Are you afraid Monsters Inc won’t take the top spot? Or is there a herd of die-hard Good Dinosaur fans out there?

Pick your favourite Pixar project, then share this poll – and let’s find out what the most popular Pixar film of all time is.

Vote for your favourites below by clicking the green arrow next to the film’s title. You can vote for as many films as you like, and the list will dynamically rank the favourites.

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