Popular dessert spots in Mumbai

Looking to indulge your sweet tooth? These places will not disappoint.

La Folie Du Chocolate, Kala Ghoda
Tucked away in the picturesque lanes of Kala Ghoda is this cosy little French-style patisserie that offers some delicious artisanal chocolates and desserts. Head here for some sinful hot chocolates, fruity bonbons, nutty rocher praline, choux folie, caramel sea salt macaron, and other French desserts. There are also a few vegan and keto options for those who don’t want to break their diet.          
Photograph: by_word_of_mouth / Instagram

K Rustom & Co, Churchgate
This golden oldie, that started way back in 1953, never disappoints with its delicious thick ice cream slabs sandwiched between two paper-thin crispy wafers. There’s a vast variety of choices, ranging from choco badam kismis to toffee crunch, candied cream, and host of fresh fruit options, including kharbuza, litchi, apricot, and green mango. If one slab isn’t enough, you can always pick up a family-size bar to take home; they’ll even pack the crispy wafers so you can make your own ice cream sandwich at home.
Photograph: Foodofmumbai / Instagram

Le 15 Patisserie, multiple outlets
Run by Pooja Dhingra, often called India’s ‘dessert queen’, Le15 offers some of the best macarons in the city. There are a variety of flavours to choose from, like French vanilla, lavender, lemon raspberry, and nutella sea salt, a favourite among many. Also indulge in the chocolate caramel tart and any of the cupcakes; they’re all good! The patisserie also offers keto-friendly desserts and cakes, made to order. 
Photograph: le15india / Instagram

Chocolateria San Churro, multiple outlets
This chain of cafes is famous for its wide range of desserts featuring freshly fried, crispy churros. There are some binge-worthy churro sundaes packed with churros, ice creams, brownies, cookies, and marshmallows, all covered in a rich chocolate sauce. If that’s too much for you, try the Churros Poco or fondue for two.
Photograph: fabbakesalot / Instagram

Theobroma, multiple outlets
No list of dessert places in Mumbai is complete without Theobroma, a chain started by pastry chef Kainaz Messman. Over the last 16 years, Theobroma has grown from a small family-run café to a chain of 50 stores. Theobroma is best known for its signature brownies, like millionaire brownie, opium overload brownie, and choco chip brownie. The pastries also have a huge fan following. We suggest you try the dense chocolate loaf, tiramisu, banoffee pie, and chocolate orange mousse cake.
Photograph: wbproject / Instagram

Country of Origin, multiple outlets
This dessert parlour has won many hearts with its decadent creations that hit the spot. Think gooey dark chocolate brownies, creamy tiramisu, and fluffy toffeed hazelnut mousse gateau. But the most popular items here have to be the rich, layered dessert jars that have a delicate balance of flavours. Our picks are the chocolate crème and cookie jar and red velvet jar.
Photograph: reeatme / Instagram

La Patisserie, Colaba
Located inside the iconic Taj Mahal Palace, this patisserie and delicatessen is a Mumbai institution that has been satiating our sweet tooth for decades. We recommend heading there early to grab the popular chocolate truffle pastry, blackforest cake, chocolate Florentine, and specialty chocolates, as the patisserie shuts by 8.30 pm.
Photograph: infectiousfoodie / Instagram

The Rolling Pin, Lower Parel
This chocolaterie, patisserie, and boulangerie serves a variety of unique all vegetarian, eggless desserts that will satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth. Try the nutella waffles, classic Dutch truffle pastry, and Belgian milk chocolate mousse bar. Also available are gluten-free and vegan options.
Photograph: 5_second.rule / Instagram

New Kulfi Centre, Chowpatty Beach
There’s no doubt that Parsi Dairy Farm has perfected the art of making melt-in-your-mouth kulfis. But the limited variety there has us moving to another institution offering a view of the famed Chowpatty Beach. At New Kulfi Centre, kulfis come in a variety of flavours, including chikoo, orange, kaju daraksh, sitafal, roasted almond, and mewa chikki, apart from the usual malai and pista. Too confused to pick one? Opt for the mix plate. 
Photograph: loveonaplateofficial / Instagram