John Travolta's Greatest Hair Experiments

Ben Falk

John Travolta has consistently turned heads with his daring head and chin foliage during his 30 years as a Hollywood star. Here is our celebration of his greatest personal topiary experiments. 

The Noughties Mullet

The mullet had progressed from its heyday during the Eighties to incorporate a more full-bodied look. Party at the front AND party at the back.

The Alien Rasta

Okay, so we’re cheating a bit here, because this was solely to play baddie Terl in mega-flop ‘Battlefield Earth’. 

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But we feel this daring do may have been one of the triggers to encourage John to go big or go home in the upcoming decade.

The Treasure Trail

Most gents have a little line from their belly button to downtown. For some reason, Travolta decided to recreate this on his face.

The Upside Down Do

There have been (ahem) rumours of the actor’s declining hairline for many years. Here, he embraced the chrome done, but complemented it with a goatee. The result? He looks like a white member of Boyz II Men.

The Village Person

This is one of his better haircuts – authentic, simple. Shame then about the too-long sideys and absurd ‘tache, which looks as though it should have bellringers pulling on the ends.

The Fuzzy Felt

Frankly, this cut looks like it’s been stapled – in one complete carpet-like piece – onto his head. Meanwhile, the edges have been coloured in with a black felt tip pen.

The Beard Island

Are there tiny people living on that little mound? Has a clump of hair slipped down his face from the top of his head to the bottom of his chin? The locks are lustrous – the beard is lonely.

The Beardtee

Not quite a beard, not quite a goatee, John has lowered the quiff height, while giving himself something hearty to stroke while he’s pondering his next film role. Of course, this being Travolta, for some reason it still looks a bit weird and we can’t put our finger on why. 

Whatever This Is

For 2013′s straight-to-DVD thriller ‘Killing Season’ (which also stars Robert De Niro shamelessly phoning it in), Travolta went for this bizarre beard/skinhead combo. It’s part Abraham Lincoln, part bowling ball dusted with iron filings.

The Ginger Mullet

The ‘Saturday Night Fever’ star’s barnet turned heads once again in January 2015 when he debuted a suspiciously russet-coloured affair perched atop his noggin. It returned to his usual jet black style just in time to be photographed while looming suspiciously behind Scarlett Johansson.

The Curtains

This latest look, taken at the launch of ‘The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story’ which Travolta produced and stars in, will seem instantly familiar to any UK male who grew up in the 90s. He’s gone for the curtains looks with a grey streak at the front to add a bit of gravitas. 

We like this one John, stick with it for a while.

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Photos: Rex/PA/Sipa Press/Snap Stills/StarTraks/Wireimage