Rumour: Ben Affleck To Direct 2018 Batman Solo Movie

Ben Bussey
UK Movies Writer

While the internet (or, at least, those parts of it dominated by film and comic book news) is all in a flurry over Marvel’s announcement of new director and actor team on the latest ‘Spider-Man’ reboot, let’s take a moment to consider what Marvel’s long-time rivals DC have in the pipeline. 

Indeed, if this latest rumour is to be believed it seems that DC and their parent company Warner Bros are eager to steal Marvel’s thunder come November 2018, as Latino Review claim they have a new ‘Batman’ solo movie, to be entitled ‘The Batman,’ scheduled to hit screens that month - at the same time as ‘Captain Marvel.’

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If true, ‘The Batman’ would of course see our latest big screen Dark Knight, Ben Affleck, reprise the cowl after next year’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ - and on top of that, Latino Review claim Affleck will also direct the film, with a script from Chris Terrio. 

Terrio and Affleck previously collaborated as writer and director on 2012′s ‘Argo,’ which won Best Picture and Best Screenplay at the Oscars. As such, this would be a very prestigious team indeed to take on a DC movie.

So, is the rumour on the level? Without official confirmation we obviously couldn’t say, but it most definitely seems within the realm of possibility. Affleck’s casting as Batman in summer 2013 took everyone by surprise, partly due to cries of miscasting, but also because it seemed likely that post-’Argo’ he would put his acting career to one side in favour of more directing.

As such, rumours abounded that Affleck’s contract with Warners/DC would extend to him directing at least one movie - and ‘The Batman’ (if this is indeed the title) would seem the obvious choice.

Terrio has also been brought into the Warners/DC fold, rewriting David Goyer’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ script, and reportedly serving similar duties on the upcoming two-volume ‘Justice League’ movie.

As to whether Warners/DC will choose to open ‘The Batman’ back-to-back with ‘Captain Marvel’ - the long-standing rivalry between the two companies is well documented, reaching a head not long ago when ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’ were initially scheduled to open on the same day, until Warners/DC opted to move their film. 

Could this be where they get their own back? Perhaps - but they must realise there’s plenty of room in the multiplex, and the fans will want to see both movies anyway…

We wait to see if ‘The Batman’ is a reality. Either way, we will meet Affleck’s Dark Knight when ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ opens in UK cinemas on 25 March 2016.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros/DC, WENN