Black Panther’s Captain America: Civil War Role Revealed

It’s no secret that Black Panther will appear in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. But which side does he fall into? And how does he fit into the story?

During an interview with Birth.Movies.Death, Marvel boss Kevin Feige explained how Black Panther fits into the events of ‘Civil War’… and why he’s so important.

“The reason we introduced him in Civil War is because we needed a third party,” he explained. “We needed fresh eyes who wasn’t embedded with the Avengers and who has a very different point of view than either Tony or Steve. We said, ‘We need somebody like Black Panther… why don’t we just use Black Panther?’ That’s how it went in the development process.”

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Black Panther will be played by none other than Chadwick Boseman… and while he is yet to debut in his own Marvel film, his appearance in ‘Civil War’ sounds like a great place to start. After all, he fits Kevin Feige’s criteria rather well. And the sooner Black panther makes it to the big screen, the better.

Of course, there were plenty of hints towards the African-dwelling superhero in the recent ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – specifically, those scenes set in his home country of Wakanda.

But what might Black Panther be doing since his country lost all that vibranium?

“Today, pre-Civil War, post-Ultron I think he and his father are saying, ‘A bunch of vibranium just got out of here and wreaked a lot of havoc,” explained Feige. “Maybe we can’t stay behind these borders anymore, maybe we have to stick our heads out and make at least an attempt to be a part of the rest of the world right now, while at the same time protecting our people.’ That’s sort of where we meet him in Civil War.”

But will young T’Challa still have a ways to go before he takes the mantle of the Black Panther? It looks as though that honour may remain with his father for the time being.

Asked whether T’Chaka (rumoured to be played by Ernie Hudson) will portray the Black Panther, it seems there may be some story there…

“I don’t know how to answer that question without spoiling it!“ said Feige. "It is a role that he is still in the beginning phases of taking on, it’s a mantle he is only beginning to take on because his father is older.”

Does that mean we’ll see Black Panther in costume during ‘Captain America: Civil War’ or will he be on diplomatic duties? For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

‘Captain America: Civil War’ heads to cinemas on 29 April 2016. 

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Picture Credit: Marvel