Newt Actress Carrie Henn Returns In Aliens Fan Film

Former child actress Carrie Henn, who melted the hearts of hardened sci-fi horror fanatics everywhere with her performance as Newt in ‘Aliens,’ is at long last returning to the franchise that made her name - albeit in a non-canon tribute film.

Digital Spy report that Sonnet Realm Films have plans to make the unofficial short film ‘Alien Identity,’ for which they will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign, and have enlisted both Henn and fellow ‘Aliens’ alumnus Ricco Ross for starring roles.

However, the now 39 year old Henn will not reprise the role of Newt, but will portray her mother in a flashback sequence. Newt will be portrayed by Elle Viane Sonnet, in a narrative set 14 years after the events of ‘Aliens.’ 

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The events of ‘Alien³’ and ‘Alien Resurrection’ - most significantly, Newt’s unseen death after ‘Aliens’ - will be disregarded by the film. This comes before Neill Blomkamp’s in development fifth ‘Alien’ movie which also looks set to rewrite series history, bringing back Michael Biehn as Hicks (who was also consigned to an off-camera death post-’Aliens’).

Ricco Ross, meanwhile, will portray the brother of his ‘Aliens’ character Robert Frost, and will also co-produce the film.

This will only be Henn’s second acting role. She came to ‘Aliens’ aged 10 with no acting experience whatsoever, only to give a performance that was impressive enough to earn her second billing - and she has never acted again since.

Of her role in ‘Alien Identity,’ Henn is quoted as remarking, “I am looking forward to working on Aliens from a different perspective. I can’t wait to hear what all the fans think!“

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 Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox, Getty Images, Sonnet Realm Films