Why Are There No Female Minions?

The creator of the Minions has explained the reason behind the lack of females in their population – and it’s not what you might think.

Talking to The Wrap, Pierre Coffin said, “Seeing how dumb and stupid they often are, I just couldn’t imagine Minions being girls.”

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You see? Being an occasionally-idiotic henchman is a man’s job only because women wouldn’t be so silly as to act the way Kevin, Stuart, Bob and co. do.

The French director also revealed how the main trio got their names.

“Kevin comes from an ancient Greek word (‘Kevinos’) which means leader,” he said. “Stuart comes from the Latin word ‘Stuartalumni’ which means (loosely translated) ‘the one who slacks.’ As for Bob, it means short. For Robert.”

Of course, this no-woman revelation has thrown up some interesting conundrums, namely how the Minions came to be in the first place if there isn’t a Mummy around. Coffin has suggested that they aren’t able to replicate or multiply like some single-celled organisms, although biology nerds have interpreted one of their short films to mean that they are clones from the same DNA.

The other explanation is slightly less kid-friendly – that the yellow beasties are actually former humans shot with some kind of special beam.

Either way, don’t ever call them a sexist species. Patriarchal sure, but not misogynist.

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Photos: Everett/Rex_Shutterstock