X-Men Producer On Comic Con Apocalypse Trailer Leak

As sure as the tides, Comic Con footage will always leak online within hours of it debuting in front of hundreds of fans at the convention.

Among the films which suffered the same fate this year was ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ which has since revealed its first set of images.

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Slash Film spoke to 'Days of Future Past’ producer Hutch Parker about the leak.

“I’d say it really isn’t intended to be leaked. It’s really intended to excite a core,” he said. “From a marketing perspective, what they want is to share it with the most discerning eyes that are out there for this material. It’s the biggest and probably most intense focus group any of us ever have.

"The problem with the theory about the marketing is, I don’t actually think it’s good marketing. Leaking footage a year in advance of a movie’s release is not such a good thing.”

He’s not wrong. Studios will be disappointed and complain about leaks, but they are inevitable and should be planned for. It also damages a film’s marketing when the first footage people see is poor quality and filmed on a phone.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ went to Comic Con this month with a trailer it released online at the same time - which is the only way of avoiding leaks nowadays.

Another option is to treat the fans with something that can’t be leaked. For example the live concert that followed the 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ panel.

“The reason you don’t see footage out that far is you run the risk of it getting stale. Generally speaking, and I can’t speak for other studios — I can’t even speak for Fox any more — but I don’t believe their intention is [for footage to be leaked].

"I think their intention is to get the most important opinions and opinion-makers in this community engaged in the promise of what’s coming.”

'X-Men: Apocalypse’ is set for release on 19 May 2016.

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Picture Credits: 20th Century Fox.