Nurse 3D Actress Sues Filmmakers For Ruining Her Career

Actress Paz de la Huerta has filed a lawsuit against the makers of erotic horror ‘Nurse 3D,’ claiming that the film destroyed her career.

TMZ report that the actress is seeking $55 million, on grounds that prior to making the 2014 box office flop she was earning $2 million a year. She also claims to have been injured on set and hints at being treated badly by director Douglas Aarniokoski.

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De la Huerta (’Enter the Void,’ ‘Boardwalk Empire’) took the lead in the vaguely surreal, gore and nudity-heavy horror as Abby, nurse by day and psychotic seductress by night, whose favourite past time is luring and murdering unfaithful husbands, until she develops an even deadlier fixation on a new co-worker played by Katrina Bowden.

The TMZ report cites critics panning the lead actress for her ‘monotone performance,’ and it seems de la Huerta is arguing she is not entirely to blame for this, claiming that director Aarniokoski had some of her dialogue overdubbed by ‘a lousy actress’ (again, TMZ’s words).

This, it is claimed, was a spiteful move on Aarniokoski’s part after de la Huerta was injured by a speeding ambulance while shooting and threatened to file a worker’s comp claim, leading the director to regard her ‘a pain in the ass.’

Finally, on top of her claim for $55 million, the lawsuit also demands that ‘Nurse 3D’ be re-dubbed with Paz de la Huerta’s own voice put back in.

Is all this called for? Though TMZ have no qualms declaring ‘Nurse 3D’ one of the worst films ever made, it was by no means a total disaster critically, earning only a 55% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes. Few would argue it is a strange, silly and fairly sleazy affair, though, and it would seem doubtful that many of the actors involved would consider it a career highlight.

Even so, Paz de la Huerta has by no means stopped working since, with 10 credits on her CV in the wake of ‘Nurse 3D’ including a role in acclaimed 2014 indie horror ‘The Editor.’

Still, this makes for a suitably odd footnote to a very odd film…

Picture Credit: Lionsgate