Hugh Jackman Reaches Out To Fans Over Final Wolverine Movie

As hard as it may be to believe, it seems Hugh Jackman’s days as Wolverine are almost over. We know, we know; just try to accept it.

More than fifteen years since the original ‘X-Men,’ the role of the invulnerable Canadian mutant with the retractable claws has lifted the Australian actor from big screen obscurity to major movie star status, as well as seeing his physique develop to almost-literally superhuman levels.

But now, having joked there are only so many egg white omelettes he can eat, the 46-year old actor has decided the time is right to step down, after he dons the claws and mutton chops one more time in a third and final ‘Wolverine’ solo movie.

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However, beyond the reunion of Jackman with James Mangold, director of 2013′s ‘The Wolverine,’ and the return in some capacity of Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, not a great deal is known for sure about what this last ‘Wolverine’ movie will entail.

And it seems Jackman might be looking for some pointers as to what fans want to see from his last go around, as he has taken to Twitter with a cool teaser image to canvass fan opinion.

Accompanying this striking monochrome image (with a rather cheeky use of a single claw, recalling a gag from the original 2000 ‘X-Men’), Jackman asks his Twitter followers, “My last time putting on the claws. What do you want to see happen? 50 words or less. I’ll read as many as I can.”

Unsurprisingly, this has garnered a fair few responses, including but certainly not limited to the ones below:

Some fans had rather simpler stipulations:

And here’s what Mark Millar, comics writer and creative consultant to Fox’s Marvel movies, had to suggest:

So, will Hugh Jackman’s final ‘Wolverine’ feature all of these things, some of these things, or none of these things? (Well, we’d wager there’ll be at least a little bit of shirtlessness come what may…)

The as-yet untitled third ‘Wolverine’ solo movie is scheduled to hit screens on 2 March 2017.

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Picture Credit: 20th Century Fox, Twitter