This Is Awkward: Fantastic Four Cast Struggle To Answer Awful Question From US Radio Host

Some movie stars might find junket interviews a bit trying, but no one wants one like this.

Currently going viral is this horrifyingly awful exchange between cast-members Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan and Kata Mara, and interviewers Steven J. Rickman and Jason Bailey, hosts of Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 Morning Show.

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Bailey gets things off to a terrible start, showing his deep confusion over how a black character (Jordan’s Johnny Storm) and a white character (Mara’s Sue Storm) could possibly be brother and sister.

Describing it as ‘the obvious question’ in his lead up, he says: “From what I’ve seen you’re brother and sister.

“Am I missing something? … But you’re white and you’re black. How does that happen?”

Upon which Jordan wearily tries to explain, saying: “They could be raised as brother and sister. There’s a whole bunch of family dynamics that could be without ‘adoption.’”

Jordan has perviously addressed this question, telling Jimmy Kimmel: “I’m pretty sure there’s white people out there with other ethnicities brothers and sisters. Doesn’t mean biological. It’s the world that we live in.

“It’s kind of self-explanatory. It’s one of those things where I don’t like drawing attention to the ignorance sometimes. You gotta let it be what it is.”

But things got worse for the Morning Show guys, after Rickman, known as Southside Steve, proceeded to ask roundly sexist questions about why Mara cut her hair short for the role, describing her as 'way hot’ when she had it long in 2007 movie 'Shooter’.

“You’re way, way hot,” he said. “Why’d you cut the hair? Your hair was beautiful.”

“This is a great interview,” she replies. “They asked me to. I’m an actress. I have to be a chameleon.”

Odder still, Rickman makes a remark about his admiration for Mara’s toes, before the interview is quickly wound up.


Asked if their line in questioning was aimed at causing controversy, Bailey came to the pair’s defence.

He told Buzzfeed: “Absolutely not! That’s not mine or the show’s thing. Look, not a huge fan of these controlled 5-7 minute interview junkets they run in the first place but I was curious about the brother and sister thing.

“You have a white sister and black brother wouldn’t you want to know how that happened? I did. The other Fantastic Four franchises explain the relationship so I figured with this new hipster version they’d have some different backstory.

“My partner’s (Southside Steve) conversation about Kate’s hair is something that came up while Michael B Jordan took a phone call so I think they were kind of just going back forth in a playful way.

“As for him complimenting her toes and why people are upset about that…sorry…no idea. Steve likes girl’s toes. People should be appreciative when they get complimented. Those that are upset on Twitter I guess don’t get enough of them. Who knows?”

Following the interview, Rickman tweeted that it was the 'third most awkward moment’ of his life.

Let’s hope there’s not video footage of the other two.

The movie is out across the UK on August 6.

Image credits: YouTube/Fox