Bruce Willis's Next Movie Love Interest Is 31 Years Younger Than Him

Leading men have been courting younger women in the movies since time immemorial.

But even by Hollywood’s dodgy standards, the age of Bruce Willis’s forthcoming on-screen squeeze is a bit of a stretch.

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The 60-year-old actor will star opposite Jessica Gomes, the 29-year-old Australian model-turned-actress in action movie ‘Going Under’ next year.

According to Deadline, she will play Nola, the movie’s ‘love interest’.

Nola is the runaway sister of two gang thugs who are blackmailing Willis’s LA private eye into doing their dodgy bidding.

Helmed by Mark and Robb Cullen, it also stars John Goodman, David Arquette, Jason Momoa and Famke Janssen.

Gomes, who has appeared in ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ as well as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, trumps Willis’s younger wife, 37-year-old British model Emma Heming, by seven years.

There are countless movies featuring unlikely – and occasionally wildly inappropriate – age gaps between its male and female characters, and it’s almost always an older male alongside a much younger female rather than the other way around.

Recently, we’ve seen a gap of 22 years between Margot Robbie and Will Smith in 'Focus’ (and a 16 year gap between her and Leonardo DiCaprio in 'The Wolf of Wall Street’).

Meanwhile, a yawning chasm of 28 years exists between 53-year-old Colin Firth and 25-year-old Emma Stone in Woody Allen’s 'Magic In The Moonlight’ from last year (and the same between her and Sean Penn in 'Gangster Squad’ too).

Image credits: Yahoo News/Getty/Frenetic Films