Deadpool Trailer: 5 Best Easter Eggs

The first irrefutably NSFW trailer for ‘Deadpool’ has arrived and it’s glorious. 

Watch it in full below, but maybe pop your headphones in if you’re at work. You have been warned.

Ryan Reyndolds stars as the fourth wall-breaking “merc with a mouth” in this new Marvel film from 20th Century Fox. Set in the ‘X-Men’ universe, this 18-rated film already has fans going wild at the prospect of seeing ‘Deadpool’ done right.

Reynold’s first outing as Deadpool in ‘X-Men: Origins - Wolverine’ was unanimously hated by critics and fanboys and the 38-year-old Canadian has long campaigned for another chance to do the anti-hero properly.

To do it properly means no holds barred, self-referential, and absolutely bat-sh** insane and judging from the first trailer, they’ve pretty much nailed it.

Here’s the best in-jokes and Easter eggs to keep an eye out for in the trailer.

Green Lantern dig

Reynolds’ last superhero gig was the universally panned ‘Green Lantern’ for Warner Bros. One of the chief criticisms about the superhero flop was the baffling decision to give the Green Lantern a CGI costume, so this gag in the trailer - “Please don’t make the supersuit green… or animated!” - is completely meta.

Co-creator reference

Deadpool was created by artist Rob Liefeld and writer Fabian Nicieza in the 90s and so the author gets a namecheck here on the street signs above the bridge. Liefeld will also make a cameo appearance in the final film.


The film’s tagline pokes fun at the virtuous motto of Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ films - “With great power comes great responsibility”. Deadpool’s version is irresponsibility, so we already know this guy isn’t meant to be a role model.

X-ing the streams

If this guy seems familiar, it’s because it’s Colossus, the Russian X-Men member who’s appeared in four ‘X-Men’ films, giving this film some context in Fox’s wider X-Universe which includes Professor X’s mutant gang, the Fantastic Four and Gambit. Daniel Cudmore, the actor who played Colossus in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, has been replaced here by new actor Andre Tricoteux.

“I’m touching myself tonight…”

One thing that makes Deadpool unique is his habit of breaking the fourth wall, talking to the audiences, referencing things that he’d only know if he realised he was a fictional character. It makes sense in the comics, but it’s harder to achieve on film, but it looks like he’s in safe hands here.

‘Deadpool’ is coming to cinemas February 2016.

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Image credits: 20th Century Fox