Fantastic Four: All The Info On Reshoots, Sequels And Marvel Cameos

Fox’s gritty ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot hits cinemas this week, and it marks the third attempt at bringing Marvel’s longest-running superhero team to the big screen.

The first was a low budget Roger Corman quickie that never saw the light of day, while Tim Story’s 2005 effort fared a bit better making $330m worldwide and spawning a sequel. This third attempt sees Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell playing the fab four under the watchful eye of ‘Chronicle’ director Josh Trank.

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The production has been shrouded in mystery up to now, so now we’ve seen it here’s everything you need to know about this summer’s last superhero spectacular…

WARNING: Spoilers coming up.

Is there a post-credit scene in ‘Fantastic Four’?

No. There’s no post-credits Easter egg for the hardcore fans to enjoy so don’t feel obliged to stick around until the lights go up.

Are there any cameos to watch out for?

It’s thought 20th Century Fox are hoping to build their Marvel properties into one larger cohesive universe, culminating in a ‘Fantastic Four’ ‘X-Men’ crossover event movie. However, there are no ‘X-Men’ cameos here, or even a hint that other superheroes exist in this world. There are shady government types that you’d think would at least be aware of the ‘X-Men’, but there’s no mention of them at all.

Can you tell it’s been a troubled production?

The rumours of extensive reshoots seem to ring true. Kate Mara, the actress who plays Sue Storm, cut her hair after the film wrapped for her next project and in many scenes she’s clearly wearing a wig.

This suggests the actors were brought back in to reshoot scenes, or to shoot entirely new ones. The ending also feels really rushed, plot threads are suggested then dropped, and you never really get a sense of who Dr. Doom is or what he wants.

Does The Thing wear pants?

In the comics The Thing aka Ben Grimm (played here by Jamie Bell) wears shorts to protect his modesty. 

Fans then were concerned when the first trailers showed The Thing sans pants (really) sparking a lot of internet debate. We can confirm that after Ben transformed, The Thing doesn’t wear any form of clothing at all. Weirdly, the VFX team has given him a crotch bulge. How does he pee? That’s a question we never want answering.

Does The Thing say: “It’s clobbering time”?

Jamie Bell’s gets to use his famous catchphrase once in the climax. However, his abusive older brother also says it to Ben just before he wallops him in a flashback. There should always be room for reinterpretation in comic book adaptations, but this seems a little misjudged to us.

Do the Fantastic Four wear their traditional blue costumes?

The costumes for THE team go through several iterations throughout the film, but they prefer dark blue containment suits over the bright blue spandex they wear in the comics.

Does it set up a sequel?

The film ends with the Fantastic Four assembled as a superhero team, housed in a state of the art research facility in the countryside – not the Baxter Building – ready to take on the world, so it’s left open for a sequel but whether we’ll get one depends on how it performs at the box office.

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Image credits: 20th Century Fox