Bible Museum Reusing Tom Cruise Waxwork As Jesus

In a case of rather ingenious recycling, a biblical museum in the US has acquired itself a load of waxworks to bring the tales from the good book to life.

If you recognise them (though to be fair, some of the likenesses aren’t what you might call startling), it’s perhaps because they were originally movie stars.

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So that Jesus they’ve got there? It’s Tom Cruise.

And King Solomon? Well, that’s John Travolta, obviously. And yep, that is indeed Steve McQueen and Elizabeth Taylor.

The Biblewalk museum in Mansfield, Ohio, has also got hold of waxworks of the Royal family too – with Prince Charles as Abel, the son of Adam and Eve, and Prince Philip as an angel, complete with white robes.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, museum employee Moriah Daugherty said: “We try to do them up a bit different sometimes [so they won’t be recognised].

“For the most part people are here to hear the Bible stories, so we do have people recognise them sometimes, but people really do just recognise the word of God and are so in tune to the story that’s going on as they’re walking through the museum that it’s really not too much of a distraction.

“As the museum kept getting larger and larger, our pastor and his wife would just pray and fast and ask God how to go about making the museum bigger.”

As such, they took in unwanted waxworks from other closed down museums, and reportedly got some from a branch of Madame Tussaud’s in Arkansas.

These days the museum has 300 models, and gets 40,000 people per year through its doors.

Image credits: James Cheadle/Solent News