The Nine Best Moments From Patrick Stewart’s Delightful AMA Session

Fewer actors are held with as much affection as Sir Patrick Stewart – well, maybe also his best chum Sir Ian McKellen – so his latest Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, to help promote new show ‘Blunt Talk’, was always going to be littered with jewels.

- Reggie Kray’s family angry over new biopic
- Movie star mugshots
- Bible museum re-using Tom Cruise as Jesus

And indeed, there was a wealth of generally delightful moments, so here’s our pick of the bunch.

He still rides the tube and the subway…

Asked by a user who was pretty sure he’d seen him on the New York subway, he said: “I use the subway all the time and in London, the Underground. Broadway-Lafayette is one of my favorite stations!!!!!!!!!”

Extra points there for the enthusiastic use of exclamation marks, one deducted for the American spelling of ‘favourite’.

He is never funny by accident…

Asked the most recent accidentally funny thing he did, he replied: “Nothing I do is accidentally funny. It is all pre-meditated and carefully planned and scheduled. And if you steal one of my funny ideas, I WILL sue you.”

That’s us told.

He knows the secret to a long life…

Just how does the acting ledge stay looking so youthful? Well, now we know. “Well the great man Sigmund Freud said the most important things for a happy and long life were love and work and I’ve had a cornucopia of both,” he said.

Not a picture of himself in the attic, then.

He introduced the double tea bag method to America…

SirPatStew’s favourite tea? That’s easy. Yorkshire Gold. “Any other kind of tea bag needs two bags,” he explains. “By the way, did you know that I am the man who introduced the concept of the double tea bag to the United States. Don’t you think that deserves some recognition… A Medal of Honor? And invitation to the White House? Or my own seat on the next space shuttle?”

Yes, any/all of those.

Given the choice, he’d have a mullet…

Though synonymous with his shining dome, Sir Pat would go for the 80s classic, the mullet, if granted some kind of hair-based with. That’s business up front, and a party at the back.

An excellent choice (and of course, the internet has already obliged).

His fave sandwich is….

“Always, all my life, a favorite, thickly sliced Granny Smith apple on thick, heavily buttered white bread. Very healthy and yummy,” he wrote.

A curveball, but a most pleasing one.

Working with Ricky Gervais was impossibly difficult…

For the right reasons, mind you. “Not difficult at all because the script was brilliant, but impossibly difficult because Ricky giggled all the time and spoiled so many takes. If you googled him and me, you would have already seen that.”

We have.

He’s a martini man…

His favourite cocktail is ‘a martini with Old Raj gin and very important, one olive. Who knew that you must never put an even number of olives in a martini glass. My son told me that martini drinkers are superstitious about even numbers of olives’.

His go-to, meanwhile, is Oregon Pinot Noir.

Who’s the best kisser?

Was it McKellen? Or Conan O’Brien? Neither. “Actually, it’s Alan Cumming.”

Fair enough.

The Seth MacFarlane-produced ‘Blunt Talk’ airs on Starz.

Image credits: Starz/Twitter/Imgur/Taylors of Harrogate