First Look: Matt Damon Is Totally Ripped In New Bourne Movie

Well, that feels like it escalated quickly.

If doesn’t feel like long since it was announced that Matt Damon was – despite years of saying the contrary – set to return to his role as secret agent Jason Bourne.

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But already, we’ve now got a first glimpse of the 44-year-old star on set, and he’s looking pretty buff.

Wrapping dirty bandages around his fists, he looks like he’s about to enter the ring of a bare knuckle boxing match.

Producer Frank Marshall tweeted the photo yesterday, with the message: “First day of principal photography complete and happy to report, BOURNE is back! #Bourne2016.”

While it strangely doesn’t feel like long, Damon confirmed he was coming back to the role in November last year.

It was the boarding of Paul Greengrass onto the project which finally persuaded him to reprise his Jason Bourne, the troubled CIA agent who appears to have been once again dragged back into the murky world of international espionage.

Damon had said he’d put the role behind him, but would be up for it again if Greengrass was involved, and that is precisely what happened.

Jeremy Renner had even made a film in the series, 2012′s ‘The Bourne Legacy’, not playing Bourne, but still seemingly filling the gap left by Damon.

It’s not thought that Renner’s Aaron Cross will feature in the new Bourne movie (and as of earlier this summer, there are still said to be plans in place to give Cross a sequel).

But we do know who else is appearing in this fifth instalment, the third after 'Ultimatum’ and 'Supremacy’ to be helmed by Greengrass.

Joining Damon on the bill are Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles and Vincent Cassell.

It’s due out in July, 2016.

Image credits: Twitter/Universal