Transformers 5 Storyline Details Revealed

It looks as though ‘Transformers 5’ is going to pull out the big guns… as voice actor Mark Ryan spills the beans on what we can expect.

During an appearance at Wings and Wheels UK (via Christian Post), the 59-year-old voice actor (who voiced Lockdown in ‘Age of Extinction’), revealed everything he knows about the movie’s plot so far.

“He explained that the film is undergoing dual directions,” they said. “He said that the first will focus on Cade and Co. With that, fans predicted that ‘Transformers 5’ will be centered around having the Autobots on earth.”

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“The plan is to have Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg) and the Dinobots - with a few Autobots thrown in for good measure - assemble to tackle an impending threat on Earth,” expanded the folks at CBM. “[At the same time,] Optimus Prime will head into outer space to hunt down the creators of his race, the Quintessons, something which will see him reportedly meet up with Unicron.”

If you ask me, that sounds like an awful lot to pack into one movie… but with a huge character such as Unicron just casually dropped in there, this could be the ‘Transformers’ movie we’ve all been waiting for.

Of course, there are also rumours that Paramount Pictures is seeking to expand the Transformers franchise by creating a number of spin-offs… and Mark Ryan even has a hint about which direction they’ll go.

“The franchise plans to reinvent the brand of the movie adaptations to focus more on the transformers, as opposed to the human character present,” he apparently explained.

Now, this is all just rumours and speculation, but it could mean that Paramount is looking to focus each ‘Transformers’ spin-off on a particular robotic character – much like the Avengers solo films follow their respective heroes.

And if you ask me, that makes a lot of sense.

Whether or not it will prove to be a ‘Transformers’ overload for fans of the series remains to be seen… But either way, it sounds as though there are a lot more Autobots and Decepticons heading our way.

‘Transformers 5’ heads to cinemas sometime in 2017.

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Picture Credit: Marvel