Matthew McConaughey Looks Unrecognisable For New Film Role

Matthew McConaughey has once again physically transformed for a new film role.

The ruggedly handsome Oscar-winning star has been spotted in New York sporting an unflattering paunch and balding head on the set of ‘Gold’.

The film sees him play Kenny Wells, a struggling businessman who travels to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold with an unlucky geologist played by Édgar Ramírez. 

Bryce Dallas Howard, Rachael Taylor and Toby Kebbell co-star in the film.

For the role McConaughey has apparently piled on the pounds and also wears a beaky, prosthetic nose and fake teeth.

In the pictures below he is cavorting with Bryce Dallas Howard.

It’s a big change from his old heartthrob image, as seen in countless rom-coms during the ‘90s and early ‘00s (’Fool’s Gold’ being a particularly terrible example, see below).

But since the so-called ‘McConaissance’ - when the actor ditched the rom-coms in favour of dramatic roles in serious films - he’s been happy to physically transform for a part.  

For ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, for example, McConaughey dropped 47 pounds to play an AIDS patient - and was rewarded with a Best Actor Oscar.

‘Gold’ will be released in 2016.

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Image Credits: Fame Flynet/Splash/Rex Features