Star Wars Fan Theory Frenzy! Why Has Luke Skywalker Been Left Off New Poster?

Star Wars Fans received the new poster for J.J. Abrams’ comeback movie ‘The Force Awakens’ with the usual amount of excitement when it was released over the weekend.

But it’s notable for the absence of one character in particular – Luke Skywalker.

Fellow old school cast-members Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are present, but Mark Hamill’s mug is very much missing.

Check out the poster in its full glory below…

As such it’s got fans going wild on forums like Reddit with speculation over what it could mean for Skywalker’s role in the movie.

Some think that Lucasfilm doesn’t want to let out any spoilers about his character – though how a picture of his head would do that is unclear.

Many already think that Luke could be killed off early on in the film, and point to his absence from the poster as an indicator of that.

However, the fact that he was spotted filming 'Star Wars: Episode VIII’ in Ireland surely means he’s in the next movie too – though he could, of course, be an Obi-Wan-style ghost.

So it could be that Skywalker, rather than appearing early on, appears much later in the movie, ushering in the sequel.

A quite intriguing – but again rather baseless theory – is that Luke may have gone bad, and he’s the one pulling the strings behind Adam Driver’s dark side enthusiast Kylo Ren.

The main evidence for this being that Skywalker’s brief appearance in the second trailer - touching R2-D2 in his hooded robe - is shrouded in darkness, so it’s likely far too much is being read into that.

Perhaps more will be revealed in the final trailer, due out later today… unless Luke is missing from this too.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ hits cinemas on December 17.

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Image credit: Lucasfilm