Sam Mendes Confirms 'SPECTRE' Is His Last Bond Movie

Sam Mendes has confirmed that ‘SPECTRE’ will be his last Bond movie.

The director, who originally said he’d only do one Bond movie, returned to helm 'SPECTRE’ after the record-breaking 'Skyfall’.

But he’s now drawn a line under his work for Eon, the production company behind the franchise.

“There is a sense of completeness that wasn’t there at the end of Skyfall, and that’s what makes this feel different,” he told Deadline.

“It feels like there’s a rightness to it, that I have finished a journey. I’m not talking about Daniel here because Daniel may absolutely turn around six months’ time and feel his energy renewed. Or he might say just the opposite.”

He added that it might also be time for Craig to move away from the world of 007.

“If he is as sensible as I think he is, he needs to go away and have some time to think and do another job that’s completely different, which he’s already doing with Othello,” he said.

Craig is indeed signed up to play Iago to David Oyelowo’s Othello off-Broadway for the non-profit New York Theatre Company in autumn next year.

Mendes also gave his two cents on what the future might hold for Bond.

“I grew up on 'Dr. Who’, and its ideas of regeneration,” he said.

“People say, ‘Well, once you’ve acknowledged time passing and Bond getting older and characters dying, how do you continue the franchise?’ And the answer is you regenerate, and you have to be as brave as when they cast Daniel, and when they let M die.

“They have to go off in a completely different direction, into regenerating mythology. You cast a new actor and find a new director, and make something totally new. I can, off the top of my head, give you three or four ideas for where it could go next. They’re all daring and big.

“To me, the enemy is repetition and laziness, and the great danger is not challenging the preexisting format. These are my two chapters of the Bond myth. Someone else is going to write a chapter or 10 or 50, because Bond is strong enough for that, and because there’s enough to play with.”

'SPECTRE’, which is currently breaking all records set by 'Skyfall’, the biggest British movie of all time, is out now.

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