Pierce Brosnan Reveals How He Was Sacked As James Bond

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan has revealed how he was unceremoniously dumped as the world’s most iconic spy whilst filming another movie.

Brosnan, whose 007 tenure spanned four films, received a telephone call from the franchise’s long-term producers while he was in the Bahamas filming ‘After The Sunset’.

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“I was in the Bahamas, working on a movie called ‘After The Sunset’ and my agents called me up and said, ‘Negotiations have stopped. [Producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson] are not quite sure what they want to do,” the actor shared.

“I sat in Richard Harris’s house in the Bahamas, and Barbara and Michael were on the line —‘we’re so sorry.’ She was crying, Michael was stoic and he said, ‘You were a great James Bond. Thank you very much,’ and I said, ‘Thank you very much. Goodbye.’ That was it. I was utterly shocked and just kicked to the curb with the way it went down.”

This does sound rather cold, especially after having given seven years to the series and beginning strongly with the classic ‘GoldenEye’. Obviously after his departure it was Daniel Craig’s turn to step into the famous tux, and the rest, as they say, is history with both ‘Skyfall’ and ‘SPECTRE’ having broken box office records.

As with any actor playing Bond, each has a shelf life (unless you’re Sean Connery, that is.) But the way its producers went about the revamp could have perhaps been a little more tactful, regardless of their desire to reboot and reinvigorate the character.

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Picture credit: Eon Productions