Why Spielberg Would Now Turn Down A Bond Film

Steven Spielberg was famously turned down by Cubby Broccoli to direct a James Bond film, even though the director is a huge fan of the series… and responsible for some of the greatest films ever made obviously.

When we talked to Spielberg while he was promoting his superb new thriller ‘Bridge of Spies’, he told us about his Bond rejections, and why he wouldn’t direct one now.

“Cubby Broccoli he turned me down two or three times. If called me from beyond and asked me to do the next one I’m going to have to apologise and say ‘no’. He had his shot!  [Even] with me in the 70s after ‘Jaws’ he said no!”

Spielberg said he’s now not interested in ever taking on an installment of the series because he’s such a huge fan of the last two films, ‘Skyfall’ and ‘SPECTRE’.

“I really wanted to do a Bond film,” said Steven. “But after I saw what Sam Mendes did with it, I so admire and respect Sam, and Sam and Daniel together as a team. I mean, man, they should just keep making these things. I know they won’t, but it’ll be great to have Bond after another every couple of years made by that team.”

Check out the rest of our interview with Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg below.

‘Bridge Of Spies’ is out in the UK now.