Emoji Movie Set For 2017 Release

Sony Pictures Animation has announced a release date for ‘The Emoji Movie’, a new animated film inspired by those ubiquitous smiley symbols found on smartphones

Yes, that’s right, a movie based on a sort of font. 

‘The Emoji Movie’ is set for release on 11 August, 2017, smack bang in the middle of school summer holiday season.

This joins the ‘Playmobil’ and ‘Play-Doh’ movies in our list of movies we can’t believe are actually being made in Hollywood. But then again, we were just as unsure about ‘The LEGO Movie’ and that turned out to be a monster hit for Warner Bros., so what do we know?

‘The Emoji Movie’ is based on a pitch by Eric Siegel and Anthony Leondis who are also writing the script. Leonidis will direct solo.

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Image credits: Apple