Force Awakens Star Daisy Ridley Reveals Her Next Role

Daisy Ridley has revealed her first post-Star Wars fame role.

The ‘Force Awakens’ star will be powering down down her lightsaber to voice the lead in 'Only Yesterday’, the Studio Ghibli animated movie which is being released in the US after 25 years.

The movie, originally released in 1990, is considered a classic in the venerable animation studio’s canon, but was never screened in the US.

Ridley will play Taeko, a 27-year-old woman who has lived in Tokyo all her life, who then travels to the country to visit her family.

Along the way, she revisits her life through flashbacks.

“I think the reason probably this is such a loved film and will continue to be so is because it doesn’t feel foreign,” Ridley told Entertainment Weekly.

“It feels exactly right, like, how do you make your dreams come true? You live, you go day to day, you try new things and you meet new people. And eventually you’ll end up where you should be.

“I think anyone around the world, young, old, boy, girl, goes through transitional periods of self discovery, and because of that, this film will speak to everyone.

“I guess Ghibli films, a lot of the time, they’re fantastical and everything, but then the human stories are so human. They are what so many people around the world can identify with.”

Newcomer Ridley has found herself among the most-praised of the new 'Star Wars’ cast, with her career now set to go stratospheric.

Though first she will have to get 'Star Wars VIII’ out of the way. It starts filming in the coming weeks, and will be released in May, 2017.

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Image credits: AP/Disney