Amazing Photo Of Young, Shirtless Harrison Ford Surfaces Online

With his scruffy cap, straggly hair and beard, the chap on the far right here could be a present day Brooklyn hipster.

But no, this devastatingly handsome young gent is in fact the 28-year-old Harrison Ford.

In a picture which is rapidly going viral – and setting pulses racing along the way – the pre-Han Solo is pictured in his former incarnation as a carpenter.

And, bizarrely, it’s all thanks to legendary Brazilian musician Sergio Mendes.

Ford helped Mendes build a studio back in 1970, and this is a shot of them finishing the build, Ford clutching a trusty piece of timber.

“Before Han Solo, there was a great carpenter named Harrison Ford,” wrote Mendes on Facebook.

“And here he is, with his crew, the day he finished building my recording studio back in 1970… Thank you Harrison… may the force be with you.”

It would be six years before he’d don the iconic white shirt and black waistcoat of the galactic smuggler.

Ford was acting at the time, having appeared in a handful of films and TV shows, including ‘Mod Squad’ and 'Ironside’, but was clearly still supplementing his income as a chippie.

It would be three years until his small but pivotal role in George Lucas’s 'American Graffiti’, followed by the first 'Star Wars’ movie, released in 1977.

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Image credit: Facebook/Sergio Mendes