Tim Roth: Sepp Blatter Film Was ‘A Crap Movie I Did For Money’

Acting veteran Tim Roth has spoken candidly about starring in ‘United Passions’, the widely derided FIFA movie in which he played Sepp Blatter, calling it “a crap movie I did for the money.”

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo, Roth who can be seen this week in the much more noble Tarantino epic 'The Hateful Eight’, explained that actors very rarely make movies they’re happy with.

“['United Passions’] was a crap movie that I did for for money,” he says in our video above.

“Most actors, truly, never get to make a movie they’re proud of at all. We get to make a lot of movies we’re NOT proud of, but that ['United Passions’] would come pretty much top of my list.”

“But, it got my kids through college and it kept the roof over my head. It’s the right reasons, but the wrong movie.”

His 'Hateful Eight’ co-star Kurt Russell, who plays bounty hunter John Ruth in the snowbound Western quips, “Wait, you did a movie for money? Isn’t that amazing?”

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'United Passions’ told the story of the genesis of FIFA and it’s reported $30m budget was mainly paid for by the World Cup organisers. It was released in the US while the FIFA corruption scandal was breaking and grossed just $918 (£626) in its opening weekend making it the worst movie opening of all time in the States.

It was slammed by critics upon release too with its Rotten Tomatoes rating currently standing at 0%. The Evening Standard called it "the most extraordinary vanity exercise; a vile, self-aggrandizing, sugar-coated pile of manure where Blatter and Co manage to make North Korea’s Kim Jong-un look self-effacing.“

Roth has defended his decision to appear in the movie in the past telling German newspaper Die Welt "Yeah, I apologise I didn’t question the director, I didn’t question the script. This is a role that will have my father turning in his grave.”

'The Hateful Eight’, in which Roth plays a mysterious English gent named Oswaldo Mowbray, hits cinemas this Friday.

Watch a trailer below.

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Image credits: Entertainment/YouTube