Deadpool Banned In China

20th Century Fox’s upcoming ‘X-Men’ spin-off ‘Deadpool’ will not be shown in China when it’s released in February.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Marvel movie was denied permission to screen across the country due to its “violence, nudity and graphic language”.

China has no ratings system so films are either approved or banned and often studios will work with the country’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television to work on more family-friendly cuts of movies that they deem suitable for release. 

Universal didn’t even bother pursuing a release of the steamy ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ in China last year due to the restrictions posed.

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In the case of ‘Deadpool’, the report says "it wasn’t possible to excise the offending material without causing plot problems”.

The comic book movie, starring Ryan Reynolds in the title role, is aimed at a more adult audience - likes its comic book source - and has been granted an R rating in the States by the MPAA for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.“

There’s no word on the UK rating yet, but it’s likely to receive an 18.

Watch a NSFW red band trailer for ‘Deadpool’ below.

‘Deadpool’ is coming to UK cinemas on 10 February.

Image credits: 20th Century Fox