Is Daniel Craig 'Quitting Bond' For A TV Show?

Could Daniel Craig’s next job be the biggest indication yet that he’s set to quit playing James Bond?

Our current 007 has signed up to star in new US TV series ‘Purity’, which is at the centre of a bidding war between the Netflix, Showtime and FX networks.

The Sun now reports that his involvement in the show would mean the end of his tenure as Bond, as it claims the series will potentially run for several seasons, at 20 episodes per season.

So far there has been no word from Craig himself or the producers of the Bond movies on whether he’ll make another appearance as the British spy before relinquishing the part.

Nor is there any word on whether his involvement in the potentially sprawling series would preclude him from another Bond movie.

It was thought that he is contracted to do another movie following 'Spectre’, but comments he made after finishing the last movie – admittedly made very soon after wrapping a complex and lengthy international shoot – suggested he could be done with playing Bond.

He famously said at the time he’d rather 'slash his wrists’ than do another Bond film.

But producers Sony have also said that they’re hoping that Craig will return for one final film.

Meanwhile, 'Purity’ is a series based on Jonathan Franzen’s 2015 novel of the same name, and is being made by Hollywood super-producer Scott Rudin, who is seeking a 'straight-to-series’ order from one of the big US networks.

It follows the life of Purity Tyler, a young woman looking for her father.

She begins working for Andreas Wolf, to be played by Craig, the charismatic German leader of The Sunshine Project, a competitor to WikiLeaks, who then helps Purity in her search for her father.

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