Michael Mann Working On Heat Prequel

Michael Mann’s seminal crime thriller ‘Heat’ is getting a prequel. Sort of.

Mann, the writer-director of the 1995 “cops versus robbers” classic, has just signed a deal to create a new literary imprint for books based on his work, called Michael Mann Books, and a prequel to ‘Heat’ is at the top of their agenda.

Deadline says Mann will work with “a core group of authors to collaborate on fiction and nonfiction books”. The ‘Heat’ prequel is said to explore the “formative years” of Al Pacino’s detective Vincent Hanna and Robert De Niro’s bank robber Neil McCauley and will feature other characters that appeared in the 1995 film including Val Kilmer’s Chris Shiherlis and Jon Voight’s Nate.

‘Heat’ famously brought acting titans Pacino and De Niro together on screen for the first time in the film’s iconic diner scene, but it’s proved to be hugely influential on American cinema ever since with Chris Nolan citing it as an inspiration for ‘The Dark Knight’.

Although there’s no mention of a film adaptation in the initial reports, many people are speculating that the ‘Heat’ prequel will eventually lead to a movie.

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Watch Al Pacino talking about his work in ‘Heat’ below…

Image credits: Warner Bros.