First Mind-Bending Trailer For Doctor Strange Lands

The first look at Benedict Cumberbatch in ‘Doctor Strange’ has arrived… and it’s bonkers.

Giving the Marvel Cinematic Universe a dose of the spiritual, we see the 'Sherlock’ star as neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange, who, after a near-fatal car crash, embarks on a voyage of discovery.

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And it appears to involve 'Inception’-esque dimension hopping, cities folding in on themselves, and Cumbo getting repeatedly decked by Tilda Swinton.

She plays the Ancient One, the mystic who becomes Strange’s mentor and introduces him to a whole new world of possibilities.

We also see Mads Mikkelsen’s so-far unnamed villain, a fellow sorcerer who breaks from the established order to form his own sect.

There’s Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Karlo Mordo too, a villain in the comic books, but thought to be a more ambiguous character in director Scott Derrickson’s movie.

The movie wrapped only last week, filming final scenes in New York.

Cumberbatch even nipped into a comic book store in his full Strange regalia, a savvy marketing move which quickly went viral.

Also starring Rachel McAdams, Michael Stuhlbarg and Benedict Wong, it hits screens in the UK on October 28.

Image credits: Marvel/Facebook