Patrick Stewart Confirms Return As Professor X In Wolverine 3

Sir Patrick Stewart has joined the ever-expanding cast of the third solo Wolverine film.

Tweeting the news with a Stephen Colbert gif, Stewart confirmed he would reprise the iconic role as the (bald) head of the X-Men with the simple caption: “Worst kept secret. #ProfessorX #Wolverine3″.

Stewart joins Hugh Jackman, Richard E Grant, Stephen Merchant, Boyd Holbrook, and Eriq LaSalle in the third - and reportedly last - Wolverine spin-off with Jackman in the title role.

The film is being directed by James Mangold who steered 2013′s ‘The Wolverine’ to a $400m global box office haul. The new as-yet-untitled film is rumoured to be inspired by Mark Millar’s ‘Old Man Logan’, a 2008 comic set in an apocalyptic near future where earth is ruled by supervillains after all superheroes - except old Wolverine, of course - have been killed.

The casting of Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier rather than James McAvoy seems to confirm this future setting, but whether it’ll be as brutal and violent as the source comics remains to be seen.

Earlier this month Simon Kinberg, one of the film’s producers, confirmed ‘Wolverine 3′ “takes place in the future” and would be aiming for an R-rating (15 in the UK) telling Collider: “It’s a very radical, bold, different Wolverine than you’ve ever seen in any of these movies.”

“I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say about that. I will agree with you that Patrick Stewart was rumored to be a part of that film. It takes place in the future, and as you and others have reported, it is an R-rated movie. It’s violent, it’s kind of like a western in its tone. It’s just a very cool, different film.”

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‘Wolverine 3′ is coming to cinemas in March, 2017.

Image credits: 20th Century Fox