Posted Up: Jamal Crawford on waiting in Free Agency, why vets aren't valued, and more

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Jamal Crawford, 19-year vet and 3-time Sixth Man of the Year award winner, talks with Chris Haynes about his upbringing in Seattle (3:21), why vets aren't being valued as free agents (12:15), the 19 (!) coaches he's played for (35:15), what's next if he doesn't sign with a team (38:20), and getting to play the role of Michael Jordan in an iconic Gatorade commercial (53:24).

Note: This episode of Posted Up with Chris Haynes and Jamal Crawford was filmed on January 17, before the tragic accident that killed 9 people, including Kobe Bryant. Yahoo Sports reached out to Jamal for his thoughts on Kobe Bryant, but he was not ready to comment.

Jamal Crawford sits with Chris Haynes

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