Power Rangers: Watch Bill Hader as Alpha 5 before the CGI (exclusive)

In ‘Power Rangers’, Lionsgate’s big budget movie reboot of the classic 90s TV show, Bill Hader plays Alpha 5, Zordon’s robot sidekick.

You’d be forgiven for assuming the ‘Saturday Night Live’ star just lent his voice to the quirky little droid, but as this new behind the scenes clip from the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download release reveals, Hader performance captured the whole thing.

Donning the customary skintight lycra suit covered in dots, Hader can be seen giving a full body performance as Alpha 5. He also admits that he was kinda hoping to play one of the Rangers himself having been a fan of the original show.

Here's what Bill Hader's Alpha 5 looks like after the CGI (Lionsgate)
Here’s what Bill Hader’s Alpha 5 looks like after the CGI (Lionsgate)

“I got a call from my agent and he said they’re making a Power Rangers movie,” Hader explains.

“I thought ‘that’s interesting’, and since i’m like 38, I knew I wasn’t going to play one of the kids, because it wasn’t the 80s any more and you can’t get away with that.”

He also revealed that he worked closely with writer John Gatins and director Dean Israelite to improvise lines for Alpha 5 in the performance capture space.

It's morphin time in 'Power Rangers' (Lionsgate)
It’s morphin time in ‘Power Rangers’ (Lionsgate)

“Bill [Hader] is hilarious,” says Israelite.

“He’s a hilarious guy to be around and he brings that to Alpha 5 and he’s incredibly bright and he’s able to take the lines we have and evolve them, and embellish them to bring his own nuance to them.”

‘Power Rangers’ comes to Blu-ray and DVD on July 31. On Digital Download now.

Watch Alpha 5 in action below…

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