Pregnant Muslim woman viciously attacked in shocking footage

A pregnant Muslim woman who was targeted in a vicious attack says she fears for the world her children will grow up in if racism is not addressed.

Shocking footage shows the woman, 31, sitting in a cafe with her friends in Parramatta, Sydney, before a man sets upon her, punching her in the head several times before stomping on it after she falls to the ground.

During the attack he could reportedly be heard screaming “Muslims raped my mum”, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Stipe Lozina, 43, was arrested and charged with affray and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

The 31-year-old woman, who is 38 weeks pregnant, reportedly posted a message on Facebook saying the incident wasn't the first time she has experienced racism, but was still shocked her attacker could be so cruel.

The attack took place in the Bay Vista cafe in Parramatta.

“I hope the justice system lives up to its name,” she said.

“I fear for the world our children will grow up in if this is not addressed. I call all Australians, Muslim and non-Muslim, to stand together in protecting innocent people from any racial or religious attacks.”

The full post can be seen below

The woman said she is normally quite private and wouldn't be comfortable sharing her story but hoped that more exposure would protect other people in the future.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, was taken to hospital for observation where she appeared to be “emotionally and physically traumatised”, Parramatta police Inspector Lucas Sywenkyj said.

The woman's husband says that his wife rarely goes out but that when her friends invited her for coffee he told her he would look after their children.

Lozina was refused bail to next appear on December 5th.