The Premiere of 'Dancing With the Stars' Had Fake Cheering That Annoyed At-Home Fans

Leah Rocketto
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From Woman's Day

After a year away, Dancing With the Stars returned Monday night for what is sure to be an epic and change-filled season. Due to COVID-19, several changes had to be made to ensure the safety of the cast and crew during the upcoming season (though the pandemic isn't to blame to long-time host Tom Bergeron leaving DWTS.) One of those changes involved substituting a real audience for a cheer-filled track. And although the sound of applause likely got the dancers hyped, it left viewers rather annoyed.

Mere minutes into the season 29 premiere, fans were tweeting their frustration with the fake cheering. Mainly that it was far too loud.

"Dancing with the Stars needs to stop that horrific clapping track right now," Twitter user Amanda G wrote. "YOU CANT HEAR ANYTHING ELSE."

User JenCapeCod echoed the complaint, noting that she couldn't hear new hose Tyra Banks. And a few others agreed.

Several users begged the producers to turn the volume down.

The official DWTS Twitter account did not address the issue on social media, and the producers didn't seem to adjust the noise right away. This is sure to be one of many kinks that the producers will have to work out throughout the season. But so long as fans can hear the judges' scores, that's all that really matters.

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