Prince William and Kate Middleton were butt of 'painful' jokes during Royal Variety Performance

Dusty Baxter-Wright
Photo credit: ITV

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The annual Royal Variety Performance was screened last night [10 December 2019], which sees talent from across the country perform in front of Prince William and Kate Middleton at the London Palladium.

Everyone from Britain's Got Talent winner Colin Thackery to Lewis Capaldi took to the stage, in front of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were sat in the royal box.

But it was Romesh Ranganathan and Rob Beckett's input which fans called out on Twitter, after they made jokes at Kate and William's expense, and the couple had to "force laughter" in response.

The comedians were hosting the show for the first time, and poked fun at everything from Kate and William's children to the fact people have to bow at them.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Introducing the Royals, Rob said, "We are also joined by some special Royal guests tonight. I’m really excited about the royal party being here. I’ve been doing research. I went to Hampton Court Palace for 10 hours. I got lost in the maze".

He then theatrically bowed, as if he were at a pantomime, before continuing, "Thank you for coming out tonight. You’re on date night. That's exciting. You got the babysitter until midnight or 1am? It's worth that extra 20 quid."

Romesh continued, "Like me you’re blessed with three beautiful children. I reckon every morning they come running into your bedroom and you look at their little faces and say, 'I regret this'."

Fans on Twitter were less than impressed with the jokes. "Feel sorry for William and Kate having to sit thru it 😧," one person wrote, while another one added, "Poor Wills & Kate having to force laughter for these two idiots. #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

A third said, "It's getting worse.William and Kate must he thinking who and is this crock of crap and @RomeshRanga is an embarrassment #theroyalvarietyperformance"

Another added, "Wow @robbeckettcomic and @RomeshRanga hosting the royal variety is painful #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

We have no doubt it was all said with the best of intentions, and who knows? Maybe Kate and William weren't forcing the laughter after all.

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