Prince William reveals Prince George's favourite film

Ben Arnold

Prince William has revealed which movie Prince George likes to watch on his downtime, when he’s not being third in line to the throne.

While taking part in a charity engagement on a vintage British Pullman steam train, the Duke of Cambridge was grilled by a young fella about Prince George of Cambridge’s viewing habits.

Prince George’s favourite film revealed

Pleasingly, they’re pretty classic, not to mention quite apt, all things considered.

“He quite likes The Lion King, we’ve watched that a few times,” he said.

“We’ve watched Octonauts several times, he has watched some Lego movies as well, so he’s watched a lot of things like that.”

Which Octonaut is his favourite, or which Lego character for that matter, remains under wraps, however, according to William ‘trying to keep him off the television is hard work’.

Rumour has it that the Duke of Cambridge’s favourite movie of all time is ‘The Italian Job’, but with some of Michael Caine’s fruitier language on display, it might be a while until father and son sit down to it together.

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cornwall revealed back in 2012 that Prince Charles is a massive Wallace and Gromit fan.

“[They] are his favourite people in the world,” she added.

Sorry, Wills.

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