Priya Kansara lack of representation stopped her pursuing acting career sooner

Priya Kansara didn't see herself on screen credit:Bang Showbiz
Priya Kansara didn't see herself on screen credit:Bang Showbiz

Priya Kansara didn't pursue a career in acting sooner because of a lack of representation.

The 'Polite Society' star - who plays Ria, a young woman dreaming of becoming a stunt performer, in the new heist action comedy - didn't think she would have the opportunity to appear in movies as she didn't see herself represented on screen.

She told Collider 'Ladies Night Pre-Party': "I didn't see people that looked like me on screen or in this space. I don't think I thought it was accessible to me.”

However, she noticed a chance as she got older, which pushed her to chase her dreams.

She added: "When I was studying through university, during those years of my life, I started to see how the industry was starting to open its doors more.

"And also kind of instilling that discipline in me about, ‘No, I love this, and this is what I want to do.’

"And I think it's important that people step into the industry regardless of the fear surrounding it because that's the only way we're gonna push things forward and make those films and create those spaces.”

For 'Polite Society' Kansara initially auditioned for a "different character" who was in "a couple of scenes", but director Nida Manzoor wanted her to read for one of the lead roles.

She revealed how 'The B****** Son and The Devil Himself' co-star Nadia Parkes gave her invaluable advice taking on such a big part.

She recalled: "She was just like, ‘You know, the most important thing you could do is look after yourself because you need to show up on set on their schedule and deliver what they need that day, and it doesn't matter if you are tired.

"'It doesn't matter if you don't feel sad and you need to then cry in the scene. You still need to do that shot that day, right? That needs to happen.

"'So what you need to figure out is that, is there anything that you can do every day that makes you feel like you've had a moment of peace, that makes you feel grounded, that makes you feel taken care of?'

"And she was like, ‘It can be as simple as making sure that every morning you have a cup of tea.’ And I was like, wow."