Priyanka Chopra Jonas says Nick Jonas licks her face in Love Again

Love Again star Priyanka Chopra Jonas has explained how and why her husband Nick Jonas was cast as a date from hell who licks her character's face.

Chopra Jonas stars in the new romcom as Mira Ray, a woman who's having a difficult time following the death of her fiancé. She then unintentionally sends a load of messages to her late partner's old phone number, which was reassigned to the work phone of journalist Rob Burns (Outlander star Sam Heughan).

Rob is immediately struck by the beautiful texts, so when he's tasked with writing an article about singing sensation Celine Dion, he seeks her assistance in finding a way to meet Mira.

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However, before Rob and Mira meet, she embarks on a series of dates – including one with a man played by her husband Jonas, who decides to lick her face in the back of a taxi.

"It was fun because we shot this movie in 2020 and the scene was written as is, and there was a random actor that was going to be cast and he was going to lick my face," Chopra Jonas exclusively told Digital Spy,

"I am very grateful. It was familiar. So Nick really took one for the team. I was really grateful that he was there."

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Referring to COVID-19 safety measures which were put in place on numerous film and TV productions, she explained: "It was an actor that was supposed to be cast just for the scene. And they would have had to be quarantined just for that one day, for 14 days before they could film.

"But Nick was already in the bubble with me because he had come into London to settle me in and of course, he adds so much more charm, you know, being who he is and gracing our movie with doing that scene.

"He was such a great sport about it."

Love Again is out now in US cinemas and is released in UK cinemas on Wednesday, May 10.

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