New Pro Women's Hockey League unveils its logo with the emphasis placed on the 'W'

This image provided by Professional Women’s Hockey League shows the league's new logo, which was launched on Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2023. The design incorporates two crossed hockey sticks to form the “W” in its logo. (Professional Women’s Hockey League via AP)

The newly launched Professional Women’s Hockey League placed a big emphasis on the “W” in its identity in a logo it unveiled Tuesday.

The design incorporates two crossed hockey sticks to form the “W” in PHWL, which begins plays in January. The design is made up of six pieces, including a puck, to reflect the PWHL’s six inaugural franchises.

“When people see the logo, they will recognize how it represents women and immediately know it’s about hockey,” PWHL board member Stan Kasten said in a statement. "The ‘W’ symbol speaks for itself but offers versatility to fit nicely when used inside our PWHL lettering.”

The logo’s primary color is purple, which the league said “signifies power and is often associated with ambition, both symbolic of PWHL players and the league’s formation.” During the league’s draft last month, players entered walking on a purple carpet.

The league is bringing together the top women’s players in the world and will have yet-to-be-named teams based in Boston, New York, Minnesota, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. Training camps are scheduled to open on Nov. 15.

The logo was created by Baltimore-based Younts Design Inc, whose clients include the Los Angeles Dodgers, Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies. Dodgers owner Mark Walters is the PWHL’s primary financial backer.


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