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Producer talks Batman vs Superman’s Dark Knight, Snyder’s vision and why Ledger, Keaton were as divisive as Affleck

Michael Uslan, “I’ve been through this all before”

COMMENT| The ferocious fury and vile vitriol that erupted following Ben Affleck's controversial 'Batman vs Superman' casting was enough to make even the most macho man cower away in fear.

But one man who didn't even blink at the abuse was the 'Man Of Steel' sequel's producer, Michael Uslan.

Uslan told Electric Playground (via SuperHeroHype.com) that they're just excited to be working with an Academy Award winning filmmaker, before he stated, "You look at his last bunch of movies, 'Hollywoodland' he had me convinced he was George Reeves. 'The Town,' 'Argo,' just really, really great quality of work."

He then teased further information about Affleck's incarnation of the character, noting, "It's all about Bruce Wayne, and when you focus on it, Bruce Wayne, maybe in his mid-forties, what's he going to be feeling? What's he going to be thinking? What does he have on his plate to deal with? I just couldn't be more excited about it."

Uslan has overseen every single one of Batman's cinematic outings since Tim Burton's 1989 film, including Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' saga and 'Batman: The Animated Series,' and he used this experience to steer him through the Batfleck controversy that threatened to tear the internet asunder.

However, he wasn't always so calm and collected. In fact when Burton originally proposed that Michael Keaton should be Bruce Wayne, he responded by simply stating, "Mr Mom is Batman!"

Uslan is clearly a reasonable man though and after the 'Beetlejuice' director explained his vision for the piece, and noted that the film was "all about Bruce Wayne, not about Batman," he was won over.

"If you're trying to do a serious, dark superhero," he explained, "people have to believe Bruce Wayne as the obsessed, driven guy almost to the point of being psychotic - a guy who would get dressed up like a bat."

Of course, despite the original outcry, Keaton won over his critics thanks to his portrayal. But Uslan confronted more abuse almost two decades later when "that guy who played the gay cowboy", aka Heath Ledger, was cast as the Joker.

Fans soon attested that Ledger would "destroy the greatest villain in history," but his iconic performance not only earned him an Academy Award, but it also cemented his place in movie history.

Meanwhile, Uslan's palpable excitement over the franchise's new direction under Zack Snyder saw him proclaim, "I feel great. First of all, Zack's a fanboy, and he loves these characters as much as any of us do. Everybody grows as filmmakers, as actors, all of us in life, if we don't continue to evolve something is radically wrong, and it's so interesting to see the evolution for everybody involved and to see the evolution of Batman, it's exciting and everybody is pumped up about it."

He concluded by noting, "Its a chance for a new direction, and it's going to be something that people I think will be just so excited about."

Are you excited about Snyder's vision for 'Batman vs Superman'?

Gregory Wakeman is a film enthusiast who believes that Batman vs Superman is shaping up very nicely indeed.

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