Project X sequel planned

Follow up in the works already

Having defied the critics with a healthy opening weekend of £13.3m, 'Project X' is on the way to getting a sequel.

Michael Bacall who co-wrote the script based on his own story is already working on a follow-up. The Hollywood Reporter believes that once the treatment is in, the further development of the film will depend on producers Todd Phillips and Joel Silver.

'Project X' sees three teens try and boost their social standing by throwing an insane house party. Things spiral out of control and a full scale riot ensues, all captured on camcorders and mobile phone video.

We're not sure if the original actors will return, but Warner Bros will be keen to avoid the mistake they made with Todd Phillips' other big project. The studio neglected to sign the actors of 'The Hangover' up for multiple outings and had to pay top dollar to get them back for the sequel.

Bacall himself is enjoying a purple patch at the moment. As well as 'Project X', he is also getting a great reception for '21 Jump Street', which is out on 16 March.