What Protein Powder Options Does Aldi Have?

White protein powder and scooper
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Whether you're hitting the gym or just looking to add a daily supplement to your routine, protein powders are an easy way to add some nutrition to your diet. These microcrystalline powders are often poured into smoothies, glasses of milk, and even water to form a protein-heavy shake. Protein powders — which come in sweet flavors like chocolate and strawberry — are growing in popularity. Their market is expected to grow to over $16 billion by the end of the decade, according to an analysis by Business Fortune Insights. As the industry grows, these flavored powders can be found on the shelves of nearly every grocery store.

Aldi, the grocery chain known for carrying cheaper products than other grocery stores, is located in 39 states and is a reliable option for budget-friendly shopping. Aldi sells protein powder in large, two-pound tubs that come in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. While the selection may be partially dependent on geographic area, the grocer also stocks several protein snacks and bars in addition to powder.

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What's The Scoop On Aldi Protein?

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On its website, Aldi sells two whey protein products, both of which are made under Aldi's in-house brand Elevation. The two are pretty much identical other than the flavor, which comes in either chocolate or vanilla. Both come in large plastic tubs that hold two pounds of product that boasts 30 grams of protein in each serving. The chocolate variety measures 180 calories in every scoop, while vanilla comes in at a slightly lower 170 calories. Both contain two grams of sugar per serving. In addition to protein, these powders also contain added creatine, a substance that fuels muscle cells with energy, and additional amino acids. The tubs both sell for $20.15.

Both of Aldi's protein powder options are made of whey protein, which is animal-based. Whey protein is extracted from milk during the cheese-production process and contains eight different proteins. Because it's created from a dairy product, whey protein powder is not vegan. While plant-based protein powders made from soy and peas are popular, Aldi doesn't currently sell any vegan or plant-based protein powders in its online store. However, both of its current protein powders are gluten-free.

Besides whey protein, Aldi also sells vanilla-flavored collagen powder. Collagen is the most widely occurring protein, representing nearly 30% of all proteins found in your body. Like protein powder, you can consume collagen by mixing it into your favorite drink or smoothie.

Other Protein Finds At Aldi

Whisk in pancake batter
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Besides protein powder, Aldi offers several protein-rich food products. The store sells two varieties of protein pancake mix, both of which are made under Aldi's fan-favorite MillVille brand. The mixes come in original and oat varieties and utilize wheat protein instead of whey. When mixed with water, these mixes contain 14 grams of protein per serving. However, the packaging suggests that you can increase that number by adding milk and eggs, which can bring the per-serving protein total to 19 grams. Each box of pancake mix sells for $4.29.

If you'd rather consume extra protein in a fun snack, you can try Aldi's protein puffs. These orange balls come in two flavors — nacho cheese and jalapeño cheddar. Like the protein powders, these are also sold under the brand Elevation and pack 42 grams of protein into each bag. And just like Elevation's protein powder, the protein puffs are gluten-free. The puffs come in smaller bags weighing just over two ounces and cost $3.29 each. One thing's for sure -- if you're looking to get your protein fix, Aldi has your back.

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