Olivia Munn says 'Apocalypse' director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg lacked X-Men knowledge

Hanna Flint
Olivia Munn attends the LA premiere of Starz' "The Rook" at The Getty Museum on June 17, 2019. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Olivia Munn was disappointed with her X-Men: Apocalypse writer and director’s level of X-Men knowledge.

The actor, who played Psylocke in the 2016 superhero film, took part in an interview with GQ magazine and answered questions from the internet.

She was asked if she found it frightening how crazy people get over comic book adaptations.

“No, because I get like that too,” she responded. “I think that people wouldn’t get so crazy if it was just a really great movie.

“When I was doing X-Men, I was actually surprised that the director and the writer didn’t even know that Psylocke had a twin brother,”Munn continued.

“And I had to talk to them about a lot of different things about Psylocke and some other parts of the world that they didn’t know and that, as a fan, was very frustrating.”

Olivia Munn as Psylocke (Credit: Fox)

Munn said she couldn’t return to the franchise in X-Men: Dark Phoenix because she was shooting The Predator but it’s unlikely now that Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox, including the X-Men film rights, that her iteration of Psylocke will be back.

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The final X-Men movie was both a critical and commercial failure and Kinberg has accepted the blame for it.

Simon Kinberg and Olivia Munn pose in the press room at the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards at The Castaway on June 22, 2016. (Photo by Michael Boardman/Getty Images)

“I’m here and I’m saying when a movie doesn’t work, put it on me. I’m the writer/director of the movie, the movie didn’t connect with audiences, that’s on me,” Kinberg told KCRW’s The Business podcast.

Bryan Singer’s last movie release was Bohemian Rhapsody though he was fired by Fox before the end of the production.

He was also replaced by Jill Soloway as the director of Red Sonja following fresh allegations of sexual abuse against young boys reported by The Atlantic.