Pulp Fiction cast reunite for 30th anniversary

samuel l jackson, harvey keitel, uma thurman, john travolta at the classic film festival
Pulp Fiction cast reunite for 30th anniversaryJC Olivera - Getty Images

The stars of the cult classic Pulp Fiction were recently reunited as they celebrated the movie's 30th anniversary with a special screening, (via Deadline).

John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson and Harvey Keitel were all in attendance at the TCM Classic Film Festival on Thursday (April 18). Taking place across a range of theatres, the festival's theme this year was Most Wanted: Crime and Justice in Film.

samuel l jackson, harvey keitel, uma thurman, john travolta at the classic film festival
JC Olivera - Getty Images

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Pulp Fiction was screened at TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood, and fans were treated to a conversation with Travolta, Thurman, Jackson and Keitel as they discussed the official opening-night movie.

The actors were dressed to kill as they posed together on the red carpet, 3o years after the 1994 movie was originally released.

john travolta, samuel l jackson in pulp fiction
Courtesy Miramax

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They were also joined by Rosanna Arquette, Phil LaMarr, Burr Steers, Eric Stoltz, Julia Sweeney, and Frank Whaley.

Other movies that were celebrated this year included Chinatown, Dirty Harry, Dog Day Afternoon, In Cold Blood, North by Northwest, and On the Waterfront, with each screening including a special introduction for context.

samuel l jackson, uma thurman at the classic film festival
Kayla Oaddams - Getty Images

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Though the movie was released three decades ago, the cast members haven't been kept apart that long. Jackson and Thurman recently starred together in new dark comedy The Kill Room.

Jackson plays the role of a crime boss who, together with henchman Joe Manganiello, embarks on a money-laundering scheme with art gallery owner Thurman.

Meanwhile, Travolta and Pulp Fiction castmate Bruce Willis also had a mini-reunion in their action thriller Paradise City. The pair played enemies, as renegade bounty hunter Willis sought revenge on the kingpin who killed his father (played by Travolta).

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