The Purge 6 script is already finished

The Purge franchise is returning to the big screen credit:Bang Showbiz
The Purge franchise is returning to the big screen credit:Bang Showbiz

'The Purge 6' script has already been written.

Franchise creator James DeMonaco has finished the script for the upcoming sixth instalment in the horror franchise - which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year - as Frank Grillo returns as Leo Barnes, while the movie will see how life continues after the collapse of the United States.

Revealing he wrote the script eight months ago, DeMonaco told Variety: "It’s not completely different than previous movies, but it’s a new America that we’re entering into.

“In ‘The Forever Purge,’ America kind of collapsed, and it’s really kind of mapped itself according to different ideologies. The states are based on sexuality, religion and ideology.

"So we’ve broken apart and the state of discord is at its worst. We enter 'The Purge' in that world.”

The franchise has sparked five movies and a two-season TV series thus far, and its creator has explained his motivation behind writing the first film.

He said: "I had this little, strange, dark indictment of American gun culture. I hate guns.

"To me, the scariest thing in the world would be a night when everyone was armed and it was legal to use these firearms. To me, there was nothing scarier than that notion.”

However, he feels like people have misunderstood his intention, focusing on what they would do in a real life Purge rather than looking at the horrors of widespread access to guns.

He added: "I think people question what they would do in that situation. But I was hoping to put a mirror up to our own society and our relationship with violence and guns."

There is currently no release date scheduled for 'The Purge 6'.